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Ohhhhhhhhh god man I’ve been trying not to respond to stupidass hate like that because it makes me very very calmer to go on with my life without that kind of dumbass shit in my life but that particular post has been shoved in my fucking face so many goddamn times now, even by my fucking FRIENDS from school (directioners who spend most of their time on tumblr and twitter so lol) and it makes me so fucking mad because it’s so WRONG??? It isn’t even vaguely accurate as to who Taylor is and what she’s about. It shoves tiny dumb facts into grander, more exploitative, back-asswards statements. Madeline aka andthatlittleblackdress posted an A+++++ response to it here which I bookmarked all those 7 months ago and you should definitely read that if you’re looking for them to be proved wrong.

But if you want a point by point analysis of why exactly that entire post is BULLSHIT, then let’s take a closer look:

Point 1: “She slut-shames. A majority of her music is about having a crush on a guy who doesn’t like her, pulling the victim card, and then hating on the girl her crush likes.” And then they list lyrics from Better Than Revenge as their only example of that. First of all, no, a majority (which is an incorrect statement just grammatically because there cannot be more than one majority of anything like that is the whole meaning of the word majority?? There is only one majority of any given thing in the universe????) is not in fact about that. That isn’t even what the example song is about - Better Than Revenge is about how a girl stole her boyfriend from her. Her boyfriend. Who she was in love with. Who she thought loved her as well. Her FIRST LOVE. So obviously she was mad - and when you’re a teenager and you’re mad you are capable of saying bad things and yes, Taylor has one line that slut-shames in that song, and yes, it was wrong of her to say that, but that was FIVE YEARS AGO. FIVE. YEARS. ONE line in her entire career that she wrote five years ago at the age of 18 slut-shames, and people use that as an excuse to hate her, as if there is ONE single person on this website who has never implied something bad about another person they were angry at. As if there is someone out there who has never said “slut” or “gay” or “fag” or “retarded” or ANY sentence implying something negative about any of those things. People can act like fucking saints all they want but we all say problematic shit at some point and if you go by their logic in hating Taylor for one thing she wrote when she was 18, then we should all hate each other and never forgive and never get over any bad thing. Ever. But the truth of the matter IS that Taylor will be getting shit for that well into her elderly years because that’s just how people are. They are set in their minds and they do not forgive. They do not get over. They just hate and hate and hate and encourage others to hate as well, because hey, Taylor’s successful and she’s happy and she is doing so many amazing things for so many other people but she said one thing they didn’t like one time so why should she get off easy? And it’s that kind of disgusting thinking that keeps me away from this website and makes everyone else on the internet think we’re stupid hateful elitist pieces of shit. Because, well, a lot of us are.

Point 2: “She tries to pull that innocent virginal shtick and it’s pathetic.” Um, what? No. In 2006 - when she was 16 years old, before she released her first album - she wrote and performed Sparks Fly, which is about sex. Yes, sex! In a Taylor Swift song! Wow! Whoda thunk it! Then in 2010 she released the song on her 3rd album because it was always a fan favourite, and not only that, but she changed some of the lyrics which made it even MORE clear that it is indeed about sex. THEN, just last year (last year, BEFORE the OP posted that ask) she released various songs on her album Red that also clearly contain lines about sex (State of Grace, Treacherous, and All Too Well just off the top of my head). Just because she doesn’t have lyrics saying “yeah I ride that fucking dick all day all night” does not mean she doesn’t approve of sex. Even more ridiculous logic.

Point 3: “She acts like having a boyfriend is the key to happiness.” Most - if not all - of her breakup songs are about getting out of bad relationships because she doesn’t want to be in them. Because she ISN’T happy with her boyfriend. And people hate on her for that - “haha why can’t she keep a guy what’s wrong with her” - but it is the best possible thing she could be teaching young girls! She’s saying “Hey, you aren’t fully invested in that relationship? That boy treats you like shit and makes you feel bad about yourself? You don’t want to be with him anymore? That’s great. Get out of there. That is the right thing to do.” I’ve been listening to Taylor since I was 11, and never once have I thought that having a boyfriend was the key to happiness. I’ve learned that being in love and feeling love in return is a good feeling and that it’s something to be celebrated, but I’ve also learned that it’s perfectly okay if I’m not. It’s okay if I’m lonely and it’s okay if I’m happy being on my own. It’s okay if I want to get away from someone who makes me feel like absolute crap and it’s OKAY if I want to be in a relationship. This person has obviously not heard a lot of Taylor Swift songs, which would be okay if they didn’t try to act like they are knowledgeable enough to be informing other people about Taylor’s music.

Point 4: “And then when her crush doesn’t express a mutual liking, she attacks the girl he has a crush on.” She doesn’t do this. Ever. Not even in one song. They probably think this because one time they listened to Better Than Revenge and now they consider themselves an expert on everything Taylor Swift-related, but like I said earlier, that’s not even close to what the song is about.

Point 5: “Taylor Swift just stopped emotionally/mentally growing after she turned 12.” Okay, yeah, you’re completely right, all these emotional and well-constructed songs she wrote over the past years don’t actually exist, it’s just a big farce to get people to like her.

Point 6: “And I think it’s incredibly dangerous and unsettling that a person whose fans are young girls, is basically telling young girls that their life isn’t complete until they have a boyfriend.” See point 3, because it’s really the exact same thing and I don’t know why she said it in two different places (actually, this entire post is all over the place and trying to get actual points out of it has been very very difficult). Also, Taylor is EXTREMELY aware of how she presents herself to her young fans - a quote from straight from Taylor’s mouth: “For everything I do, I think about a 6-year-old girl and her mom that I saw at my concert last night. I think about what those two individuals would think if I were at a club last night. I never want to be arrested, and I never want to get a DUI, those are my moral values. I am an over-achiever, and I want to be known for the good things in my life.” She wants to provide a good example to her young fans and she tries her best and there has not been ONE single person who has EVER blamed Taylor Swift for anything bad that has happened in their own life, or the life of someone they know. Because it just doesn’t happen. At all. Not even once.

Point 7: “WHO THE FUCK CARES IF SHE WEARS HIGH HEELS AND YOU WEAR SNEAKERS. MAYBE HE LIKES A GIRL WHO WEARS HIGH HEELS.” Maybe Taylor was trying to say that there are good people who are worthy of love outside the world’s sense of conventional beauty. Maybe she was trying to change standards and say that “hey, I don’t do things that are typically associated with being pretty and cool, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pretty or cool either. It doesn’t mean I’m undeserving of happiness.” God, I just don’t get how people could be so blinded by hatred to take a song with such positive messages and twist it into something terrible! This person’s analysis of YBWM says a lot more about them than it does about Taylor, to be honest, because at the end of the day, music is what you take away from it, even if it’s way fucking far from what the writer meant. I kind of feel bad that this person can only see negativity in such a positive thing.

And oh my god before I shut up I’d like to say that girl you linked me to HAS A FUCKING TAYLOR SWIFT TAG CONTAINING GOOD, POSITIVE THINGS ABOUT HER - HAS MY FUCKING GIFSET IN THAT TAG FILED UNDER “#ugh you’re so pretty” oh my GOD that pisses me off. (I’d also like to point out that she has an even longer 1d tag and I mean you can take what you want from that, coincidence or correlation or fucking nothing but that is a thing that exists.) It’s just so frustrating and SAD that people can let a dumass website like tumblr with dumbass people like that OP influence their opinion on a great, wonderful, positive person like Taylor!!!! It’s terrible that they can just turn happiness into hatred with a few twisted words and I WISH that things didn’t work like that but that post has over 200k notes so obviously they do. And it makes me really upset that I can write out ALL this, proving them wrong at every turn, and they still won’t care. They won’t listen, and that’s the most upsetting part of all of this - they act like their reasons are enough to hate her, and then when their reasons turn out to be wrong, they GO ON HATING HER no I need to end this post before I get even angrier goodbye.

PS I posted my reply here rather than reblogging that because I don’t want that idiocy getting any more notes than it already has.

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You didn’t need to be in Rome for all of this to happen…you had it in you the whole time.

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